Multi-Language Proficiency Test For Licensed Tourist Guides (21-23 May 2019)
Changes to Coach Parking, Pick-Up and Drop-Off at Mandai Nature Park
Restoration works for the Merlion statue at the Merlion Park from 26 February to 6 May 2019
2019 Multi-Language Proficiency Test Dates Schedule
PDC Prospectus Jan - Jun 2019(updated 15 March 2019)
Implementation of Orchard Road precinct No Smoking Zone (NSZ) from 1 January 2019
Tourist Guide Circular - December 2018
Soft Launch of Area Tourist Guide Scheme
Closure of The Changi Chapel & Museum for major revamp
Tourist Guide Code Of Conduct And Ethics
Mandatory Refresher Course For Licensed Tourist Guides
The Conditions of Licence Tourist Guide Must Adhere

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