25 April 2019: Last day of access for Guides Online
26-28 April 2019: Blackout period during which both Guides Online and the new licensing system are not accessible
29 April 2019: Launch of new Travel Agents & Tourist Guides (TRUST) https://trust.stb.gov.sg
Outreach for Tour Design Challenge
Repair Works of The Sir Stamford Raffles Statue at the Raffles Landing Site along Singapore River from 22 to 24 April 2019
Glossary of Tourism Common Terms
Restoration works for the Merlion statue at the Merlion Park from 26 February to 6 May 2019
2019 Multi-Language Proficiency Test Dates Schedule
PDC Prospectus Jan - Jun 2019(updated 15 March 2019)
Implementation of Orchard Road precinct No Smoking Zone (NSZ) from 1 January 2019
Soft Launch of Area Tourist Guide Scheme
Closure of The Changi Chapel & Museum for major revamp
Tourist Guide Code Of Conduct And Ethics
Mandatory Refresher Course For Licensed Tourist Guides
The Conditions of Licence Tourist Guide Must Adhere

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    General Tourist Guide
  1. How to be a licensed Tourist Guide ?
  1. Which are the training providers approved to conduct the TG course ?
  1. What is the objective of the new enhanced Tourist Guide course ?
  1. What is the difference between the previous and current WSQ TG Course?
  1. Why is a national curriculum needed?
  1. When will the course and examinations be conducted and relevant fees?
  1. Can PDC hours be accorded for language courses?
  1. Can PDC hours be accorded for courses that are not in the pre-approved list of PDCs in the PDC prospectus?
  1. How many PDC hours can be accorded for courses that are not listed in the PDC prospectus?
  1. Approval prior to course commencement was not sought for an external course to be accorded PDC hours. Can a request still be submitted for STB?s consideration?
  1. How to get a course approved as a professional development course?

  1. Are there any exemptions on the use of licensed tourist guides?
  1. What are the conditions of renewal for the Tourist Guide Licence?
  1. What are half yearly assignments and why must I submit a record of assignments every half yearly?
  1. How do I add another guiding language on my Tourist Guide Licence?
  1. How is the Multiple Language Proficiency Test (MLPT) conducted?
  1. When will the MLPT be conducted?
  1. How do I update my Professional Development Course (PDC) attendance?
  1. How do I update my Personal Profile?
  1. How do I request for a new password?
  1. Can I promote an Outbound tour which I will be guiding?
  1. Can I provide Inbound and/or Outbound tour packages?
  1. How to apply for UTAP?
  1. What are half yearly assignments and why must I submit a record of assignments every half yearly?
  1. Are there any individuals or organizations that have been exempted from the STB Act?
  1. Can TGs/STGs conduct/organise/promote/market tours ?
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