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Mandatory Refresher Course For Licensed Tourist Guides
The Conditions of Licence Tourist Guide Must Adhere

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Mandatory Refresher Course For Licensed Tourist Guides
Dear Tourist Guides

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has appointed Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) to be the training provider for the Tourist Guide Mandatory Refresher Course (MRC), which is part of the licence renewal condition. About 20 MRC sessions will be conducted about 5 months prior, for TGs whose licences are expiring.

In response to feedback, more lead time has been provided to Mandarin-speaking TGs to build their English proficiency. Hence, TGs have the option of completing their MRC in either English or Mandarin in the first three of years of implementation (2016 - 2018), following which the MRC will be conducted only in English. TGs looking to improve their English proficiency may enroll in the WSQ Workplace Literacy (WPL) English course under SkillsFuture Singapore's employability skills initiative. Upon completion of the programme, TGs will be awarded 7 PDC hours.

Please contact the following WPL training providers for course details.

Kaplan Professional

Mendaki Sense

NTUC LearningHub

SSA Consulting

Training Vision Institute

Best Regards,
Ooin Tze Sern
Senior Officer | Tourist Guide Licensing
Singapore Tourism Board

Announcement Date: 22-01-2018
Attachment: none

The Conditions of Licence Tourist Guide Must Adhere
With the implementation of the amended STB Act, the previous Singapore Tourism (Licensing and Control of Tourist Guides) Regulations, including the conditions of licence under The Schedule, are revoked. The conditions of licence can be found on the STB corporate website (

As of 7 October 2014, all licensed tourist guides will be bound by these conditions of licence. The conditions of licence are listed in the attachment below for reference and can be revised from time to time.

Announcement Date: 31-10-2014
Attachment: 1.  Conditions of Licence.pdf